The Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation

Watch this space

Very soon, I shall be launching, The Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation

SDAWhilst many women using unregulated sperm donors have an uneventful experience, many women do not; instead they experience abuse during their journey to motherhood. Indeed, findings from my extensive research into sperm donor abuse indicates that 1 in 2 women will be abused and victimised. These cases are not isolated events; they are part of a wider pattern of acceptable male violence towards women trying to conceive, violence towards women during their pregnancies, and violence towards women after they have given birth to their babies. The online sperm donor community does not regulate the behaviour of abusive men ‘donating’ sperm…it stands back, and allows it to happen, time and time again. Women are frequently involved in condoning and supporting this abusive culture…a culture that permits rape and sexual abuse, and a culture that turns against and vilifies the abused.

The SDA Foundation believes that it is every woman’s Human Right to be able to conceive a child without enduring violence and sexual abuse. SDA is committed to:

  • Conducting policy research into sperm donor abuse
  • Raising public and policy awareness about sperm donor abuse, which is largely invisible
  • Sharing knowledge with midwifery and antenatal services to identify pregnant women at risk and thus increase the support available to them
  • Signposting and referring women onto support services who are currently experiencing, or have historically experienced, violence or harm by a man/men ‘donating’ sperm