Private Tutoring

I offer private tutoring to higher education students in the social sciences, specifically in the subjects of criminology and sociology, though I am also increasingly working with students in health sciences.

As a former university lecturer and also as a parent, I know that patience and empathy are essential for helping anyone to learn. At initial contact, I shall work with you to identify your needs, objectives, and learning preferences, before designing an individual teaching program to achieve your goal – whether that’s to turn a fail into a pass, build confidence, stretch a highly capable student, or rekindle your joy in a subject. Depending on the student and goal, a programme might incorporate tutorial-style discussions, practice exercises or essays, discussing coursework, reviewing model answers, and/or quizzes and tests.

Though I take results very seriously, I also see learning as a process of building confidence, engaging with the world, and discovering passions to last a lifetime. Where appropriate, I’ll recommend further reading and extension activities.

For each paid hour of tuition I also provide an hour of preparation and marking time, and am available to answer quick questions (e.g. about coursework) between lessons.

I am willing to work with students right up to PhD. Increasingly, I am tutoring university students who feel they are not receiving the academic support they require on campus. As a former university lecturer, I have considerable experience and insight into the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate assessment and learning outcomes. I am also being increasingly asked to assist with undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.