Internet Sperm Donors & Abuse

It is important that women who are considering using an ‘internet sperm donor’ know the risks and dangers that could be awaiting them.

Similarly, it is important for those women who have perhaps been abused by a man ‘donating’ his sperm to know that they are not alone, and that sadly such abuse is incredibly common.

As the Director and Founder of the Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation, I have conducted extensive policy research into unregulated internet sperm donors and violence against women. The findings are most alarming.

1 in 2 women who go online to find a sperm donor experience some form of violence or victimisation.

Thus, every second woman in the research study disclosed some form of violence or personal harm perpetrated by a ‘sperm donor’…in other words, a man they had met via an internet sperm donation website or through Facebook.

For further information, or if you have been affected by sperm donor abuse, please visit: