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Media Coverage

19.09.2016 – The Huffington Post -‘Too Many Women Are Assaulted By Their Sperm Donors.’ Claire McQuoid.

03.04.2016 – The Mail on Sunday – Desperate women conned into sex…by rogue sperm donors who insist on ‘natural insemination.’ David Rose.

22.02.2016 – BBC 1 ‘Inside Out’ South East Region – The dark side of unregulated internet sperm donation.

21.02.2015 – The Daily Mail – ‘Unmasked: Sperm donor cowboy who’s ‘fathered 40 children…with 15 on the way’ as doctors warn of health timebomb of ‘siblings’ born in 50-mile radius. Ben Ellery and Jacinta Taylor.

19.01.2015 – BBC Radio 4 – Out of the Ordinary – ‘Desperately Seeking Sperm.’


Script / Media Adviser

BBC 1 drama series – providing advice on the authenticity of a storyline involving Internet sperm donation.