I am the Founder of the Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation. I am also a sociologist and a former academic criminologist where my research specialism originally lay in the historicism of male violence against women and children, including sexually orientated violence(s) as well as fatal violence, during the nineteenth-century.

Unregulated Internet Sperm Donors: Cyber-Mediated Violence Against Women

The focus of my research is now contemporary gendered violence as opposed to violence(s), which are historically situated. I have swapped obscure and difficult to decipher archival legal documents, for cyberspace and ethnography. If there is one thing we know about the Internet, mobile and digital technology, it is that men are increasingly harnessing such tools to abuse women. Thus, for some time now, I have been engaged in policy research for the Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation on the topic of cyber-mediated violence against women. Should these female victims/survivors have one thing in common, it is that they have all accessed unregulated sperm donor web platforms and the perpetrators of the abuse/violence are men who advertise themselves as ‘sperm donors.’ The abuse and violence(s) occur both online and offline.


I have a BA.Hon Sociology, an M.Sc.Econ Social Science Research Methods (ESRC) and a PhD in Sociology. The latter comprised a historical study of domestic violence and child abuse, including homicide. The research was based upon detailed archival analysis of legal documents and newspaper reports between 1841-1901.


The British Sociological Association