Training & Consultancy

As a policy researcher as well as the Founder and Director of the Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation, I know that delivering training to practioners and agencies is essential to raise awareness about sperm donor abuse – a form of cyber-mediated violence against women. My expertise in this specific area of violence against women has been gained over the last four years and I head the only specialist organisation in the UK and internationally working in this field. In essence, I am excellently placed to deliver training and consultancy to your organisation or team.

Training & Consultancy Includes:

  • 2 hour face-to-face briefing sessions on sperm donor abuse
  • Half-day training sessions
  • Full-day training sessions
  • Electronic information and briefings

Research Adviser to Media & Press

I am regularly contacted by the press and media to provide research advice on how to investigate unregulated Internet sperm donation. I have previously provided advice to the BBC, Acme TV, and the Daily Mail.

Similarly, I have liaised with the BBC to advise on the authenticity of a writer’s pitch and scenes for a popular TV drama series. 


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